Friday, February 20, 2009

No Weekend Highs

Well, I know it's Friday, and hopefully this weekend works out better, but last weekend there was no high. It was all low. As you may have read on Brandy's Facebook or MySpace her uncle that helped raise her and was like a father to her died very suddenly of a heart attack on Saturday evening. Everyone was quite shocked by it, and we are all still recovering. Ugh.

I suppose that the only (kinda) high of the weekend was my work. On Monday when I told them about it they agreed to give me Bereavement Pay, when, really, they didn't have to. So that was nice. Everything else, not so much.

Here's hoping things get better...

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Weekend Notes

Another week, another weekend:

The High: Going line dancing Friday night. Have I mentioned that Brandy and I are learning line dancing? Well we are. A local club gives lessons every week, so away we go. And they have $0.50 draft beers, so...
Anyway, we've been going for a few weeks now, enough for me to know about a half dozen dances or so, so I was able to actually go out and dance! It was very enjoyable, I can' t wait to learn more dances so I can go dance to more songs.

Also, on Monday I beat the game BioShock, so I'm pretty pleased about that. That game deserves its own post, but needless to say that if you enjoy first-person shooters (and even if you don't - I don't!) this game is very good, and very, very creepy.

The Low: So, technically, this happenned Monday, but it was kinda on the weekend as well, so I'm including it. Lakers Center Andrew Bynum is out with an injured knee for 2-3 months. He got hurt over the weekend. You may remember that something similar happened last year, and Bynum didn't return until the beginning of this season. You may also rememeber that a large resaon we lost in the NBA Finals was because he was hurt. So he heals slowly, may not be back until April/May, and we can't win in the Finals without him. Yeah, we're screwed. I'm a little frustrated because, once again, the injury bug may keep us from winning a title. I'm beginning to switch to "Not Boston" mode again. *Sigh*