Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Update from Georgia!

So, uh, Georgia still sucks.

I guess that that's not a completely fair description. I've come to think of it like college frat parties: Yeah, the scenery's nice, but the amount of crap you have to put up with to enjoy the scenery makes it a pointless venture.

Case in point: My co-worker and I were getting dinner the other night fairly late (~10pm) at a fast food place. Looking around he says to me: "Do you ever feel like Ya just don't know?" Puzzled, I asked "What do you mean?" He shrugged his sholders a bit, looked around awkwardly and responded: "You feel like you're in East LA but you're too stupid to realize how bad that is."

Yeah, here's hoping North Carolina is better.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Things I Should Talk about and Don't

Ho-Kay: The following are the items that - when they occurred - I thought: "Hey, I should blog about that" and never did. I would've said more at the time, now it just seems so moot:

The Elections: Yeah, last November sucked for Republicans. But what's the saying? Can't win 'em all right? I thought that, all things considered, the Dems could've come out better. And I haven't I heard rumblings that Lieberman is considering switching parties because of the war vote? Man I love that guy.

Marvel Comic's "Civil War": God I hated this "event" as it was dubbed. Now that it has finally ended though I don't even want to talk about it. I'm just glad it's over.

Oh, but for Candace, since I won't ever remember to tell her about this over the phone, here's the big SPOILER that you may care about (be warned folks): Aunt May got shot. Probably dead. Typical.

The Lakers: This is one topic I'll come back to, especially as April approaches, but for now I will just say: WTF? For three months they play damn fine basketball, like they're a contender, and then fall apart without Luke-freakin'-Walton? Ugh. Losing six straight's painful even for me. Is this what Clippers fans generally feel like? Icky.

Rome: Great HBO series. I wish I, you know, had it to watch the rest of the season. My brother told me that it costs like $2 million per episode to make, which is why they are only making two seasons. Still a good show (though to be honest, it's got a little too much full-frontal-nudity for my taste).

I was gonna talk about the '08 elections, but I'll wait. That deserves a full post to itself, and I ain't gonna do that now. I have to pack for my trip to Georgia tomorrow. Pray for me for good weather.

Friday, February 23, 2007

More Life Updates

January: Well, all the night jobs and travelling to Vegas caught up to me and I got sick. Not fun, I assure you. Following that I went to Bakersfield and found another place I would never move to. Oh, I also bought a house (I guess technically I did that at the end of December, but ah well). More on this later. Ah, and I watched a few of the new episodes of Rome. Damn that's a good show.

February: Well, while the month isn't quite over yet, the most dramatic thing was discussed a few posts down, but additionally I spent a week at the Santa Clarita River! The month will end for me with trips to Georgia (again), Ralegih, NC (hi Reva!) and Brawley, CA. There are days I travel tons at work, and days I don't.

So about the house, since I know people will ask. I bought the house my parents owned in Temecula. I'm not living there yet because they (my parents, that is) still have a renter in there. I'm not sure preceisely what I'm going to be doing either. I obviously need a roommate (so if you know someone, let me know!). Anyway, it's cool and exciting nonetheless, and it certainly will help me build into a future house if I don't want to stay in Temecula.

Oh! I almost forgot: I still am looking for more feedback RE: my MySpace account. I've gotten a few responses, but would like more. (Really, it's all just a ploy to get my blog to have lots of comments, making it seem like more people read it then do.)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Life Updates

So, I said before there was lots for me to talk about. What are they? Well, they start with:

October: I was in Augusta, Georgia for Halloween. In fact, I've been to Georgia twice since October, and I'm leaving again on Monday. What have I learned? I never, ever want to live in Georgia.

November: The big event in November of course is Thanksgiving. I spent it at home with Mom, Mike, Candace, her parents and Pam & Larry. A fun afternoon, to be certain. Also, I obtained a copy of Final Fantasy XII. It's a great game, but I learned another lesson: EB Games sucks ass. I got the game, and didn't play it (due to time constraints) for a few weeks. Then, when I did, the game had a scratch on it! When I took it back to exchange it, the salespeople gave me attitude because new rules says that it has to be returned within a week! How crappy is that?

December: I spent Christmas at home (again, Candace came over) and had a really nice day. Then I went to Las Vegas for New Year's with my Aunt and Candace. She spoke of it briefly here. I don't have much to add save that I had a blast, I think Candace did too, and I know my brother would have if he could have come.

Well, that partially catches me up; I'll have more to say in a little bit, as well as some actual discussions of things rather than just lists of what i've been up to. Until then, friends...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Well, here's the first update on my newly-promised, I-will-update-regularly-even-if-it-kills-me, happy blog: Do I keep my MySpace account?

Candace made it for me many moons ago, I've never really done anything with it. And now, I think, should I just dump it?

State opinions below, please.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Things it Takes...

Here's a new post! I've got a lot to say (as not posting in several months tends to cause), but I shall begin with the impetus for my new desire to blog: Candace and I broke up. Fortunately, it wasn't something evil or horrendous, and nothing happenned where we hate each other or something like that, we just, well... *sigh*

Anyway, I could use a hug.

I promise to update again soon.

Update: So I told my mom this morning. Later, she sees me walking around rather unhappy and says: "Smile John, you look like you just lost your best buddy in the world." I look back at her and reply: "Well, I kinda did." WTF? She expects me to be giddy and elated after losing the light of my life? Ah well, my mom's always been like that...

I wish more people read comics. Here are some references to how I feel that no one will get (X-Men related):
Shadwocat, Uncanny X-Men #183
Cyclops, X-Factor #53
Meggan, Excalibur #69
Colossus, Uncanny X-Men #304
Gambit, Uncanny X-Men #350