Monday, November 30, 2009

The NFL Sucks

Wow.  So I really want to like the NFL sometimes, but damn they make it hard (and no, college football isn't any better, but for multiple reasons).  For example, tonight's Monday Night Football sounded like a great game: Patriots at Saints.  The EVIL Pats against the unbeaten Saints.  Good times.  So I turn on the game toward the end of the first quarter and here, roughly, is what I watched:
  • Tom Brady interception
  • Turnover - commercials
  • Saints run two plays
  • End of 1st Quarter - commercials
  • Saints run two plays
  • Injury time out - commercials 
  • Saints run two plays
  • Touchdown Saints - commercials
  • Kickoff
  • Commercials
And then I turned it off.  When someone asks you what the hell is wrong with football, this right here is it.  I am THE target demographic for the NFL and would want nothing more than to enjoy the game, but the amount of commercials is just ridiculous.  And this wasn't even the end of the half!!  This was just normal, average, ho-hum football the way it is aired today.  And it sucks.
So thank you, NFL, for ensuring that I will avoid televised football as much as possible.  Of the most egregious faults I have with football, this is by far the worst.