Sunday, April 02, 2006


For the last few weeks Candace's friends and I have been going to a bar on Wednesday's for their trivia sessions (the bar is Pasand Lounge, on Shattuck, for my readers in Berkeley). The general prize is $20 gift certificates, which is cool enough, but then they have a bonus round where everyone puts in $4 and whichever team wins gets the whole pot. The questions are pretty tough, so if no one gets all three questions right, the cash is saved for the next week. This week someone (actually a team of four people) won $105 by answering these questions:

  • Which US President was offered contracts by the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers?
  • What is the highest score in a game of Darts?
  • Everyone knows about the Anola Gay, but what was the name of the other plane that dropped an atomic bomb?

Could you have won big bucks? I'll post answers later.

Answers (Highlight to read):

  • President Gerald Ford
  • 180 points (3 triple 20's)
  • Bok's Car (The team who won actually mis-spelled it "Box Scar" and still got it right, much to my chagrin).

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Reva said...

My friends and I have been going to trivia too! Yay us =)