Thursday, April 05, 2007

Gas Guzzling, Beer Brewing, and Soul Searching...

Well, I wish I could say I've been busy this week... but then I'd be lying. In reality I've been working at the office, which is code for "doing not a whole lot and getting paid decent money," but whatever. I spent last Sunday making some beer with my buddy and his dad. That was a pretty neat experience. I think everyone should be forced to make some beer on their own, just to say you've done it. It's still fermenting, I'll let you know how it turns out in a few weeks though.

In other news, some of you may have heard that the EPA changed the way they formulated how much gas mileage your car gets. I was so busy at work, I looked mine up! Turns out my mileage went down from an average of 31mpg to 27mpg. Disappointing, but not terrible.

Actually, it reminds me of a West Wing episode. Some agency came up with a new way to calculate the number of people living in poverty and it, of course, went up. The best spin that they could put on it was that there aren't more poor people, we're just noticing more of them. I don't have worse gas mileage, I'm just noticing how poor the mileage is.

Moving on....

It's decision time here at Romano central: What to do, what to do... Some decisions are made for me, some I gotta make on my own. I got no clue what I'm gonna do, NC or CA? Corona or Temecula? *sigh*

I know, I know: Leif's a bitch, right?

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