Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall Comes Fast

The fall months hit quickly this year. Last Wednesday it was 90+ degrees, and on Friday it was 70 degrees (yes, 70 is considered Fall weather where I live). It was strange. But Fall is my favorite times of the year. It's cooled off enough so it's not oppressively hot, but it's not ridiculously cold yet (yes, 60 degrees is "ridiculously cold" where I live. Deal with it.). Plus, the cool, crisp mornings make it feel like the holidays, which is always fun.

In more sad news, my cable had "technical problems" last night, and I missed all the good shows (How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Two & a Half Men). Typical, really. There's exactly one night a week I like to watch television, and naturally my cable is knocked out that night. *sigh*

Also, Brandy and I got the kitten fixed yesterday, so she has to wear a cone around her head so she doesn't lick at the stitches. It makes her really funny looking. I'll try to take some pictures, but Brandy may not let me.

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Reva said...

I think 60 degrees is ridiculously cold, too...which is why I'm so screwed in DC.