Monday, March 06, 2006

Humanities Classes are Dumb

I've been in a lot of siceince classes in my time here at Berkeley. None of them - not a single damn one - has made you sign in at lecture. But my Theater (AC) classs does. Do you know why? Because they're stupid. Ok, so that isn't a descriptive reason, but it's true. Let me expalin more.

Science classes, like, say Physics 7, are really, really stinking hard. You're going to show up to those classes. Because if you don't (like me) your grade suffers. A lot. A lot of the material in Science classes needs explination further than what a book gives, so the Professor gives that. Further, usually the Professor's don't really care about teaching. Don't get me wrong, most enjoy it well enough, but they do research. Lots of it. The teaching they have to do only so that they can do more research. So if you don't show up to lecture, oh well, they don't care.

Compared to Humanities classes. This stuff isn't hard. I don't care what anyone says, it just is not difficult. In fact, it's so easy, that without reading half the material, I got a Perfect score on my midterm. Yes, a freaking perfect score. And yet, if I miss class two more times, I'll be in danger of failing the class. This makes no sense! The only reason I can think of why this is so is because the teachers want you to be there. This is sad for two reasons: 1. They don't have enough faith that their lectures are interesting enough for you to show up on your own. 2. They actually think you'll pay attention if you show up. I've spent the last three weeks playing Sudoku in my Thater class. It's obviously impacted my grade. I think Humanities teachers like to hear themselves talk; they teach because it makes them feel good, so they want more people to be there because then they feel better.

I don't know. They're just stupid.

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