Tuesday, September 12, 2006

NBA Season, or "Is it November Yet?"

I keep going to ESPN.com hoping that some cool new news about the NBA will be posted. And then I have to remember that the preseason doesn't start for another six weeks. *Sigh*. At least there's the schedule for me to mull over. Another Christmas with Shaq vs. Kobe. Wow. Isn't it starting to get boring? The result of that game should be obvious: Kobe's a better player; Miami's a better team. Ah well. I dont' even think that LA has made significant changes to their roster! How are they supposed to get better if their managment won't spend any money? Is this what if feels like to be a Clippers fan? Sucky.

I'm excited because for the first time in years I'll be in SoCal for the season, so I can actually watch most of the games! Halloween can't come soon enough.


Candace said...

Hmm, and here I look forward to Halloween for the costumes and candy. Silly me. :) <3

Reva said...

Football just started! We get to enjoy that first =) Not that I don't love my NBA, but let's at least get to week two of the NFL before we worry about basketball ;-)