Friday, September 08, 2006

So Much to Say...

Well, Labor Day has come and gone, and I am still not in school. A little distressing, but I'll manage. There are so many wierd things going on I dont' even know where to begin!

We'll start with Pluto. Despite Reva's objections to Pluto no longer being a planet, I'm with Phil here. Pluto's "planet status" - a god-awful PC phrase if I've ever heard one - should be decided by those most knowledgeable: ASTRONOMERS. Scientists shouldn't be afraid to do something just because it might offend/disturb/upset some people; even if those people are The Reva. Then, to complicate matters the Californaia State Legislature has decided that stripping Pluto of its planet status will cause "tremendous impact on the people of California and the state’s long term fiscal health" and so are condemning the International Astronomical Union. I've always disliked my state assembly, but this is really embarrassing. I shake my head in disgust.

I heard that Kim Jong Il, crazy-ass leader of North Korea, has a fetish for collecting Mazda RX-7's. I heard this on the Bill Handle Show though, so I'm not saying it's true.

But apparently US Marines in Iraq have begun forcing Saddam Hussein to watch South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut while in prison as a form of punishment. For those who haven't seen the movie (and I suggest you do) Sadaam is protrayed as a gay lover of Satan. I think this is great. Simply hilarious. I don't see what Saddam could complain about either. I mean, Satan's his BITCH. How much cooler do you get to be?

Iran seems determined to get nukes while the West seems determined to see just how far in the sand they can stick their collective heads. *Sigh* I hope Israel comes through for us again because if I die because some liberal PC
wacko (*cough*TedKennedy*cough*) kept my government from bitch-slapping Iran I will be pissed. I mean, there would definitely be some serious haunting going on after that.

Oh, and I might be buying a house.

Joss Whedon is my Master Now.

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Tigerhawk Vok said...

Woot, I'm referenced. Even if I really should clean up that entry, I linked enough to it that its coherent.