Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wierdest Hangover Sympton Ever

When you have a hangover, there are certain symptoms that you are used to and that you just accept as part of getting too drunk: hedaches, stomach problems, lethargy, etc. When I get a touch too drunk (which doesn't happen often, I assure you) I'm fine with these things because, hey, I deserve it.

However, yesterday, I had a new sympton: leg cramps.


Now, I'm not sure how over-working my liver leads to my quadraceps feeling like I did 3 bazillion squats, but there it was. Irritating as hell, and uncomfortable. It's like my body decided "Well, the headaches aren't working, so let's come up with a new way to punish him for abusing us." And lo, my legs hurt all day.

I think I'll stick with the headaches

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Reva said...

That's not good! I actually had my first hangover headache ever after we went out for my birthday last weekend. It wasn't a bad one, luckily, but I figured it's a sign I'm really getting old.