Thursday, August 03, 2006

Updated...At Last!

For all the complaining I heard about not updating, it hasn't even been two months yet! Sheesh! Well, I'm updating now; hopefuly regularly, but I've said that before and it hasn't worked out quite that way, but I'll try. I promise.

So what's new? Well, a lot and nothing all at once. I have a job at Geovision Geophysical Services as a Staff Geophysicist. It's exciting. It's about half travel and half office work (data processing) so it keeps things interesting, but not too exhausting. I would explain what I do, precisely, but not many of my two readers would understand.

Oh, and I bought a car. A nice, new (well, it was when I bought it) Mazda 3. It's not quite the muscle-car I was planning on getting, but it serves me well enough. Truth be told, I wish I had waited a little while; the '07 model has a turbocharger on it. *Sigh* Oh well.

But that's about it currently. I went to Comic-con with Candace, and Disneyland, but nothing much changes.

Work calls; I'll write again soon; I have much to say that will interest no one.

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