Thursday, August 03, 2006

(Very) Short Reviews of things this Summer

X3: So awesomely fantastic I dare to even call it Uncanny.

Superman: Is there anything that beats 90 minutes of character development? Oh yeah, a plot that goes somewhere. This was quite a disapointment from Brian Synger; and James Marsden gets more screentime here (as Lois's boyfriend) then he did in all three X-Men movies (as Cyclops) combined.

Pirates 2: I really wanted this to be great; instead it was only decent. It dragged on for quite a ways; not as long as King Kong did, but that movie went on forever. Way to much plot exposisiton, not enough one-liners. *sigh* Here's hoping the third movie makes up for it.

You, Me and Dupree: Damn I can't believe I saw this movie. Ah, well, it was at a drive-in so who cares. It was a pretty good movie; though I admit I had low expectations for it.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC): Here's another thing I never expected to watch, yet now do ALL THE FREAKING TIME. My step-dad loves watching it, so records tons of them (damn you TiVo) and shows them to me. He's so excited by it, how can I say no?

South Carolina: I spent a week working there and all I can see is: It sucks. I've lived in a desert a large portion of my life and I'll take 110 degree heat over 93 degrees plus 90% humidity. Humidity sucks ass.

Working full time: While not something that I necessarily love to do (getting up at 6am everyday sucks) whenever I get bummed about it I just think: "I'll never have homework again."

SoCal: To my northern Cal bretheren: Yes, the Bay Area sucks. Berkeley is evil. I know this is our mantra. But I have learned that there are in fact certain things that are better in NorCal than SoCal. God I feel dirty just saying that. For example: bars that are in walking distance. I miss them so very much...

Commutes: They suck. Always and everywhere. Someone better invent a teleporter, and soon.

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