Sunday, February 25, 2007

Things I Should Talk about and Don't

Ho-Kay: The following are the items that - when they occurred - I thought: "Hey, I should blog about that" and never did. I would've said more at the time, now it just seems so moot:

The Elections: Yeah, last November sucked for Republicans. But what's the saying? Can't win 'em all right? I thought that, all things considered, the Dems could've come out better. And I haven't I heard rumblings that Lieberman is considering switching parties because of the war vote? Man I love that guy.

Marvel Comic's "Civil War": God I hated this "event" as it was dubbed. Now that it has finally ended though I don't even want to talk about it. I'm just glad it's over.

Oh, but for Candace, since I won't ever remember to tell her about this over the phone, here's the big SPOILER that you may care about (be warned folks): Aunt May got shot. Probably dead. Typical.

The Lakers: This is one topic I'll come back to, especially as April approaches, but for now I will just say: WTF? For three months they play damn fine basketball, like they're a contender, and then fall apart without Luke-freakin'-Walton? Ugh. Losing six straight's painful even for me. Is this what Clippers fans generally feel like? Icky.

Rome: Great HBO series. I wish I, you know, had it to watch the rest of the season. My brother told me that it costs like $2 million per episode to make, which is why they are only making two seasons. Still a good show (though to be honest, it's got a little too much full-frontal-nudity for my taste).

I was gonna talk about the '08 elections, but I'll wait. That deserves a full post to itself, and I ain't gonna do that now. I have to pack for my trip to Georgia tomorrow. Pray for me for good weather.


Candace said...

Aunt May got shot?!?! Well that sucks for Peter... although at least it wasn't Mary Jane. That would really put him over the edge.

John said...

Yeah, because Aunt May getting shot won't put him over the edge. Riiight...

Meanwhile, (MORE SPOILERS) Captain America got arrested, and every other hero got illigal immigrant like amnesty.