Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Life Updates

So, I said before there was lots for me to talk about. What are they? Well, they start with:

October: I was in Augusta, Georgia for Halloween. In fact, I've been to Georgia twice since October, and I'm leaving again on Monday. What have I learned? I never, ever want to live in Georgia.

November: The big event in November of course is Thanksgiving. I spent it at home with Mom, Mike, Candace, her parents and Pam & Larry. A fun afternoon, to be certain. Also, I obtained a copy of Final Fantasy XII. It's a great game, but I learned another lesson: EB Games sucks ass. I got the game, and didn't play it (due to time constraints) for a few weeks. Then, when I did, the game had a scratch on it! When I took it back to exchange it, the salespeople gave me attitude because new rules says that it has to be returned within a week! How crappy is that?

December: I spent Christmas at home (again, Candace came over) and had a really nice day. Then I went to Las Vegas for New Year's with my Aunt and Candace. She spoke of it briefly here. I don't have much to add save that I had a blast, I think Candace did too, and I know my brother would have if he could have come.

Well, that partially catches me up; I'll have more to say in a little bit, as well as some actual discussions of things rather than just lists of what i've been up to. Until then, friends...

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Reva said...

I just tried emailing you and it got sent back to me...has your address changed? Can you give me the new one, if that's the case? I still have the same duke one.