Friday, February 23, 2007

More Life Updates

January: Well, all the night jobs and travelling to Vegas caught up to me and I got sick. Not fun, I assure you. Following that I went to Bakersfield and found another place I would never move to. Oh, I also bought a house (I guess technically I did that at the end of December, but ah well). More on this later. Ah, and I watched a few of the new episodes of Rome. Damn that's a good show.

February: Well, while the month isn't quite over yet, the most dramatic thing was discussed a few posts down, but additionally I spent a week at the Santa Clarita River! The month will end for me with trips to Georgia (again), Ralegih, NC (hi Reva!) and Brawley, CA. There are days I travel tons at work, and days I don't.

So about the house, since I know people will ask. I bought the house my parents owned in Temecula. I'm not living there yet because they (my parents, that is) still have a renter in there. I'm not sure preceisely what I'm going to be doing either. I obviously need a roommate (so if you know someone, let me know!). Anyway, it's cool and exciting nonetheless, and it certainly will help me build into a future house if I don't want to stay in Temecula.

Oh! I almost forgot: I still am looking for more feedback RE: my MySpace account. I've gotten a few responses, but would like more. (Really, it's all just a ploy to get my blog to have lots of comments, making it seem like more people read it then do.)

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