Saturday, March 31, 2007

Defining "Bored"

So back when I was at Bezerkeley, I thought I never went out. I mean, what did I do? Go to BCR? Occasionally parties down at Chilton? Sometimes I was out with Candace's co-workers. But pretty low-key. I thought I never did anything.

When I moved home last May I thought: "Wow! So at Berkeley i went out a lot! This must be what doing nothing's like!" I mean, what did I do? Spend most weekends with Candace and sometimes get drunk with Eric? Not terribly exciting. Which isn't to say I wasn't happy! On the contrary, I can think of fewer times in my life that I was happier than last fall. I just thought I didn't do much.

But now, oh now, I realize just how much I used to go out. Now I find myself re-defining boredom on an almost daily basis. I do absolutely nothing these days. Just how bored am I? Well, I'm filling out MySpace surveys, so that should clue in anyone who knows me at all how bored. But there's something worse: I sit at home and I'm bored of reading comic books and playing video games!

I pretty much went to college just to sit in my apartment and read comic books and play video games! And now I don't want to! Ugh! Then I watch the Lakers get womped by every team out there and I think that everything that I used to enjoy is being taken from me!

I need to get out more; I need to do something...

Well, I have a plan, dammit! And let's just hope The Reva was right when I talked to her a month ago...


Reva said...

Lol, well I'm not sure which advice I gave that you're relying on, but I hope it was good and not just drunken ramblings! ;-)

Tigerhawk Vok said...

Its amazing. But yeah. Surveys and blog posts are directly proportional to free time plus the procrastination constant.

My procrastination constant has gotten a boost .... too much work breeds inability to work.... rather ironic!