Thursday, March 29, 2007

South Park

Now, I haven't watched the infamous show in a long while, though I'm a huge fan, but I read a strange synopsis of their most recent episode and how to ask:

Has South Park jumped the Shark?

I hate to say this, because I love the show so much, but reading about last night's episode I couldn't help but wonder: WTF? It sounds wierder than a Family Guy episode, and less funny. I'm not sure what it is: Perhaps any show which focuses on Hillary Clinton's genitalia is... distressing to me; or maybe the odd way Cartman decides to pick on the Muslim kid, or perhaps I dislike the Queen killing herself. I dunno, but the whole things feels... wrong to me.

My caveat to all of this is that I think most South Park episodes sound ridiculously stupid - who would've thought my favorite episode would involve a talking towel that gets high all the time? - so maybe it's just one of those episodes you need to see to enjoy. I hope so. I would hate for South Park to start sucking.

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