Thursday, March 15, 2007


So I've been searching through my pictures trying to find good ones of myself to put on MySpace, and have come to much difficulty (must... resist... urge to... make D&D reference...). It turns out that my whole life I thought i was photogenic, and I was wrong. I look like CRAP in pictures. And worse when I've been drinking! It's not like I just look drunk, which I wouldn't necessarily mind, it's that I often look like I'm faking a smile, when I know I'm not!

MySpace continues to frustrate me, even indirectly. (must... resist... urge to... scream... Khan...)

So I suppose if anyone has coolio pictures of me, let me know. Which is to say, pictures that I look decent in.

Or, you know, if anyone wants to hang out with me and take new pictures, that would be cool too.

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Tigerhawk Vok said...

Ah, and that is a call that I somewhat frequently get. "Kaaaahhhhhhn!". How're the D&D sessions going down in SoCal? I'm feeling the lack of D&D -- I've not played in about two weeks!