Monday, March 19, 2007

See, This is Why...

I didn't want to have a MySpace account and/or blog. Twice now, I've decided to write something interesting on MySpace but feel compelled to share it with those who read here, but not there.

"But John," my rational voice cries, "why not just keep MySpace and dump this blog?" "Because Krista, I hate MySpace with the same ardor which I hate hippies with, so to sacrifice this Blogger account, run by my masters Google, would be borderline blasphemous. And it would be like the fifth time I've moved my blog. I have a hard enough time keeping readers to begin with.

Although, I must admit, Blogger and MySpace seem to both conspire against letting me stay signed in no matter how many times I hit the damn "Keep my Signed in" button.

FYI: "Krista" is in fact NOT a strange name I call myself when I speak in the third person (I'm weird, but not that weird), but rather a good friend of mine who often acts as my conscience and reins me in when I start to act stupid. Or she tries to anyway, often with mixed sucsess.

Oh, and this is my 50th post, can you believe it? Here's hoping for a bit more regular schedule for the next 50.

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