Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Phone Service

Here's an interesting story I meant to tell you all about from a few weeks ago:

So I had The Reva's phone number saved into my phone from when we were at Cal together. A few months back I tried to call it, but got a wrong number. I figured she must have changed it when she went to Duke. So when I was planning on being in North Carolina, I emailed her and asked for her number so we could get together. She emailed me her number, and once I was in Durham I typed it into my phone and gave her a call. But when I dialed the number it came up as the same number I had saved. The Reva answered the phone, so I thought maybe there had just been a mixup when I had called the first time.

The next day I called again, but this time calling from the number saved into my phone, and AGAIN got a wrong number! But when I later manually re-dialed the EXACT SAME NUMBER I got The Reva.

Weird Shit.


Reva said...

The phone company is jealous of the love between our phones!

John said...

Hell, I'm jealous of the love between our phones ;)